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MesajSubiect: Script   Mier Aug 13, 2008 6:40 pm

New Script Anti SQL Injection:
Functioneaza 100% !!

In primul rand avem pagina unde este input-ul care arata ceva de genu

form method=post action=test.php input type=text name=search  input type=submit value=ok  form

Al 2-lea fisier se numeste test.php care contine urmatorul script

function anti_injection( $search ) { $banlist = array ( insert, select, update, delete, distinct, having, truncate, replace, handler, like, as, or, procedure, limit, order by, group by, asc, desc ); if ( eregi ( [a-zA-Z0-9]+, $search ) ) { $user = trim ( str_replace ( $banlist, '', strtolower ( $search ) ) ); } else { $user = NULL; } $array = array ( 'search' = $search ); if ( in_array ( NULL, $array ) ) { die ( 'Hacking attempt. Go play someplace else, you script kiddie.' ); } else { return $_POST['search']; } } print anti_injection ( $_POST['search'] );
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MesajSubiect: Re: Script   Mier Aug 13, 2008 7:49 pm

//This prevents SQL Code injection / XSS Attacks.

function replace_meta_chars($string){
return @eregi_replace("([*])|([|])|([;]|([`])","",$string);

while(list($keyx,$valuex) = each($_REQUEST)){
mail("","Hack Alert","There's been a SQL Injection hacking attempt. $HTTP_REFERRER $REMOTE_ADDR",",");

reset ($_REQUEST);
while(list($keyx,$valuex) = each($_REQUEST)){
${$keyx} = replace_meta_chars($valuex);
echo "$keyx $valuex
//end anti SQL XSS script.

Note: Initially i used the escapeshellcmd() function, but we discovered it was messing with our e-commerce site, as it nukes EVERY metacharacter, included some that are used in credit card transactions; so i had to develop a little function that only nukes what i tell it to. Smile
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